What’s your REAL HAPPIEST moment? I double dog dare you to be honest. 

The night I got drunk with some Hollywood peeps may be my happiest moment but…  Even I feel like I need to say something society would approve. For example,  the happiest moment was the day my child was born,  the day I graduated college or the day I bought my first house. We’d feel judgement if we said it was the day I finally had an orgasm, that night of body shots at the bar or how about the day your crush realized you were alive?? What makes a moment happy?  By definition happy is being lucky,  feeling joy, in favor or pleasure.

Let’s be real. The first  moment that came to my mind was a radio junket (wear press promotes a show) for the show “Cougar Town” and meeting Monica from friends, um, I mean Courteney Cox. To make it sound like a justifiable society approved “happiest moment” I said the junket was my happiest moment because I worked really hard to get my bosses to believe in me to send me on the assignment. I CALL BS!  I was happy aka joyful because I was drunk on complimentary wine in NAPA VALLEY WITH the cast of Cougar Town. For a girl who gets usweekly and people every week,  you can imagine how I felt my heart was going to burst interviewing the cast!  Also,  my little cottage had heated floors in the bathroom. Crap,  my apartment bathroom’s toliet wasn’t even working and this place had all it’s plumbing plus HEATED FLOORS!  I napped on the floor instead of the bed. Heated. Floors. That’s HAPPY. I ate dinner,  um scratch that,  drank wine with the cast of a TV show I watched religiously and felt these people were my friends(pun intended)  I texted my friend and said “I’ve made it” this was my creme de la creme. However,  if you asked me what my happiest moment was then I’d have to say the day I earned my bachelor’s degree because well,  it sounds better. A college diploma I worked 4 long years, wait,  4.5 years to earn. But nope,  it’s the night I got sloshed. The night I talked about my broken toliet with Monica from “Friends”. So that happened. Monica aka Courteney Cox was so polite. She probably later thought “Bless her heart” but that is something I can live with because I got my happy moment.

Although my happiest moment wasn’t all roses. Remember how I drank my dinner?  Ya I kinda lost all of that when I puked all over my fancy shmancy outfit on the shuttle bus ride through the hills of Napa Valley. Yep, in front of all my colleagues I was covered in wine vomit. So is there ever a truly happy moment?  If you said child birth was your happiest,  let’s be honest pushing a 7 pound baby out of your vajayjay isn’t the most joyful feeling. Some may say the moment becomes happier by “climbing that mountain” or in my case praying to the porcelain god.

As I write about my happiest moment I cringe at what my colleagues might think of me. I can hear them say ” really Mandi?  What about the day you fell in love or something a little more meaningful than meeting a celebrity!” I almost hit the delete button and I said no!  I’m gonna be genuinely real I met my friend   Monica and I was so gleefully happy. So if having a full battery charge on your phone is the happiest moment,  shout it from the rooftops or your insta story. Who cares if Billy Bob thinks it’s worthy of your happiest moment! And sometimes it’s how you remember those moments that leave a happy feeling in your hear. When you tell the story your heart skips a beat.  My story does just that and damn it,  I’m OK with my happiest moment SO FAR  anyway. I might run into my friend Racheal next. Wink. Wink.


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