It’s not personal. It’s just the business…

I used to be hugely offended when another radio sister would blow me off before she really knew me. Sure we were in the same market but we don’t have to be enemies. I told myself it’s jealousy or their insecurity. It still hurt my feelings.

I reminded myself the business is tough. Everyone is worried they’ll lose their job. It’s honestly a very rational fear. You don’t do radio for stability. It’s passion that drives us.

I also find women with the most skills and talent support one another. I work for two companies doing talent work by REFERRALS only. That means two women I worked with in the biz referred me. No jealousy there.

It’s not personal when someone is scared you’ll take their job. It’s just plain fear. Recently,  via Facebook I spoke my personal opinion on not bad mouthing a particular radio company because there are good companies with bad clusters and bad companies with good clusters. The person was snide in their response because they didn’t welcome opinions. She later blocked me on Facebook.  I was upset because I was cautious to not come across as saying she was wrong but to be open to another view. Then I realized she was fearful of being in favor of this company because she worked for a company who’s objectives are the opposite. It’s not personal because she doesn’t understand my intent. My point is you never know where you’ll end up and to not limit your options. It’s too bad because I also get to refer talent too… I’m not saying she had to kiss up to me but let’s be open to other’s opinions and support each other. I think to myself had I been employed at a big radio station,  would she have blocked me?  If she thought I could help her would she have reacted differently?  It’s not personal. It’s just the business.


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