Find your new vision

I read all these inspiring books because I believe in dreams. I believe the Ryan Seacrests of my business hustled hard. I don’t hate on them because I believe like them I can make my vision a reality. I’m in the midst of finding a new vision. The new vision includes my radio talent of connecting with many audiences, writing my funny random inner thoughts and outgoing philanthropic personality.

I’ve gotten over 30 direct Nos and over 30 indirect nos in my latest job search. I’ve also gotten half a dozen offers. This last NO really hurt because the person saught me out. I really thought I finally got my opportunity. I was ready to put all my heart in the new position. I sought out advice. But I didn’t get it because his boss didn’t think I had the experience. Oh I am not gonna say I thought “oh it’s ok cause it’s not the right place” I was so upset. I fell asleep holding a box of nutty bars from my bestie little Debbie. Little Debbie obviously has more self control than her friend big Mandi.

So I went back to the advice I sought with this opportunity. I thought about what my radio mentors said. Firstly,  one said “if someone doesn’t believe in me than it’s not the right job”. Let that simmer a minute. You need to work hard but looking over your shoulder proving yourself would suck. In saying that in this case it wouldn’t have been my direct supervisors. They believed in me. They contacted me after I had applied several months ago for a position I didn’t get.  So I didn’t get one no but two nos. Haha. Hey, third time is the charm,  right!?

If I had never gotten that second opportunity I would not have gotten a half an hour phone call of great advice from a former boss who does see my talent and passion.  I value this. Other radio sisters reached out too. I appreciate all of this support.

It’s hard to see the silver lining right now. Tears are rolling down my face as I type. However,  Friday as I was subbing, a young girl who I recognized from a former listeners Facebook feed came up to me sayin “you are so funny,  you are my fave substitute teacher” so I felt it safe to reveal I knew her mom from when I worked on the radio. She goes “omg you’re Mandi G!? I had no idea,  we loved you,  I can’t wait to tell my Mom” my real name Amanda V******** is on my official school badge. That made my whole day. I was just as wonderful to her as myself as I was on the radio. Maybe I’m still a success. Life is more than one dream… So I keep breathing. I wake up put my feet on the ground and keep hustling. It’s that or 6 feet in the ground. That quote “if it’s not good it’s not the ending” or something like that.  I guess God got me through til now. Maybe he has more for me. Just when you think the rain won’t stop… The sun shines again. In Steve Harvey’s Jump he says. “Don’t let others kill your vision” just because they don’t see the rainbow doesn’t mean it’s not there.


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