The lies we tell…

Today my therapist said something that BLEW. MY. MIND. She said today’s weather is dreary. I said ya “it’s Monday” then she said it. “That’s a lie society tells us.  having a bad day doesn’t always happen on a Monday, it has the same potential to be a good day if you have a positive outlook” HOLD THE ROTARY PHONE because since I was little holding the rotary phone, my Mom had a mug that said “hate Mondays and mornings”.

We as humans believe lies all the time like when think we are fat at a size 4 or  when we insta stalk. you see your friend’s insta in Cancun and believe they have the best life. When truth be told,  they have $5 to their name after said trip for the next month. However,  we are visual and what we see,  we believe. That’s where the whole “your vision = your future”

However,  the fact that I’ve believed all Mondays are bad is SUPER STUPID. I bet Donald Trump could be President… Oh wait that did happen,  wtf 😂 these lies can hold us back 52 times a year!  FIFY TWO times. That’s ridiculous.

We have to rewire our brain with the truth. When life sucks a big one I go and look at pictures. What we see we believe and in my trip to LA I LAUGHED so hard. All I remember is laughing. It was a spur of the moment trip.  We had a girl who was depressed about a break up about to jump off our 10th floor  The Standard balcony,  a club that wouldn’t let us and the hormones of women. But when I look at the photos I only see us happy and LAUGHING and therefore I feel good (as we base truth on emotions)


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