Dear Mandi, (a letter to my teenage self)

FIRSTLY,  YOU are pretty AND awkward. However,  it’s all good because you became funny because you weren’t busy dating a loser guy with barely any chest hair. You are not fat. You have curves and one day you’ll have perky boobs when others have droopy orange at the bottom of a pair of hose looking boobs. Ya, you have chub rub but they will invent spanx,  so all is good!  You’re smart but you hate school because you’re not like everyone else. That’s awesome because while you’re getting a kiss from celebrity 50 cent,  your former boring standardized testing,  prom attending and the one who said you had a pig nose guy is pumping gas. We all have a place so, that’s cool too. He had his life climax in high school and yours comes later. It’s that  everyone’s timeline is different and yes you can have multiple climaxes. The journey when you don’t know what the F you wanna be at 30 ish sucks ass. This bullshit about enjoy the journey of getting canned by a crazy person,  facing eviction or unplugging your Mom at 18 while watching her die within 7 min is not a day at the circus. My advice,  You seriously don’t want to see another human die. However,  you  can handle anything now. Once you’ve seen that shit, you’ve got the blood sweat and tears. So ya life handed you several decks of shitty cards. However,  you will not find ANYONE more genuine,  more caring, more passionate,  and more empathetic than you,  Mandi. Like, because you saw real life early, you were so grateful when your dream to become a radio star came true. Just because it might not take you to your last day on Earth,  you DID IT. You met Monica from your fave show “Friends” (and drank wine with her and talked about your broken overflowing toilet, I didn’t say it was perfect 🤗)you have to decide what life can bring you next. Investigate options. Google that shit. You have survived the darkest days. Maybe your brightest moment has nothing to do with radio. Dreams can change or they can become a different version of the original dream. Most of all,  YOUR weight goes up and down but at one of your larger weights you had  sex with a super hot guy and you never felt more wanted.




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