Say Thank You more and get more.

I’ve found most people like to be appreciated. So why would money or the universe not want more gratitude from us? Have you ever said thanks to money? To be honest I usually curse money because I need more or I have to pay my stupid electric bill! Instead let’s flip it.

So say I love money. Tell money you appreciate it helping you live an awesome life. Gratitude works. For instance,  I do voice work on the side as needed. I could go months without being contacted. So this week I wrote my contact and said I’m off from my other job and appreciate the work I get. I love doing them. It’s so fun. Now don’t say it if you don’t believe it. The universe can tell if you’re lying. So I got a dozen jobs in 2 days. So today I again in a short text said thank you. Was it fun having to get up at 6a, hell ya because I’m so thankful! I love doing it. So I attracted more. I just got another for tomorrow.


Try it. This shit works. Say thank you. Feel the excitement of really being grateful because my month of MAY rent is Now paid!!!!! Last month,  I cried because I was a month behind facing EVICTION. Yep with a court date and everything. Then I got my tax money back and got caught up. I truly felt the relief and told the universe I was thankful. That feeling of excitement like a first kiss or the moment a guy reaches to hold your hand.

So thank you for reading my blog. Giving me hope and purpose as I zero in on a new opportunity that I’m extremely thankful for because it gives me first kiss vibes. Wish me luck. Although I’m being grateful so I create my own luck and you can too!


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