I’m a bad-ass and you are too.  The latest self discovery comes from reading Jen Sincero’s You Are A Bad-ass. Also my muses as an adult babysitter aka Substitute teacher.

1. So I’ve always been pissed when I get in trouble for things I didn’t say because I’m the loudest. Well either I’m gonna have to simmer down or take responsibility for being called out by a lazy boss who never tried to find the real guilty person. As a sub it’s the loud ones who get my attention and since I don’t know the kids the loud ones get yelled at first.


2. In the book Sincero talks about picturing our enemies as a toddler with a sippy cup. Truth be told I like to use one when drinking heavily but I digress.  Basically she’s saying we are all trying to get over our childhood and don’t hate them for what they did to you.  let it go. As it’s a deeper issue then what they did to you. Plus it’s taking way way too much of my time.  I could waste that time on more Pinterest pinning or other social media which also wastes my time…

3. When in a crappy sitch replace the person you deem as hurting you with why am I upset?  Lets face it,  the sitch wasn’t about them anyway but why you felt hurt. So the other day a student threatened me saying “I will meet ya at Walmart later” I have a good feeling he wasn’t offering me a free shopping spree. So when the vice principal questioned me I was super upset. Seriously?  This kid threatened an adult. Do you think he wanted to meet me for a pretzel?  So in the end I took the VP out of the sitch. I was really upset that he didn’t know I was credible and didn’t take the time to know I’ve been requested at that school. So instead of doubting my self worth questioning whether my actions were legit I should have just told him all of what I just told you.

4. Bribe people with compliments. It works even when you know the kid is lying so he can use his phone in class. I smile and think it’s not real but deep down it’s nice to hear I have mesmirizing eyes.


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