Cinderella effect

I was talking to a radio mentor,  Lori when I asked why women tend to not like other women with talent. She said it’s  the “Cinderella effect”. It was an a-ha moment!  She went on to say we grow up thinking only one woman can get the glass slipper and there’s only one prince!  When that’s not true. Every woman can get success. Every woman is capable of getting their prince charming. The same applies to our career. We all have a place. My talent is far different from Chelsea Handler. However,  it doesn’t make me any less talented in radio or the entertainment world. Although I’ve faced many women who hated me before they’ve even met me because I love what I do and it’s reflected in my talent. Honestly,  people who have great talent are super cool. They get it. We all have a place. I don’t have to compete with anyone except myself. It’s so hard when it’s in your face every day.  Now that I’m out of the situation, my advice is to find your own space away from that person. You can’t change people. Ya, it’s unfair but life was never fair.

Any talented  woman I’ve worked with likes me and doesn’t compete. We respect each other and stay in our own lane. If they get a job over me then I will work harder and get the next opportunity. The same is true for them.

There’s not just one Cinderella and we all have the opportunity to grab our pair of glass slippers.


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