If kids were adults we’d live happier…

So as I play teacher as a temporary sub I’ve learned a few things from kids. A. They get upset but get over it quickly,  b. They say they’re sorry. C. They give love

I was at recess duty when two 7 year old girls said a boy was being mean to them on the monkey bars. They said they asked him to stop being mean but he wouldn’t let them play. So I said “sometimes no matter what you do or say, people won’t change. So why don’t you go play on something else?”. Let’s pause. How is it I can give such great advice to  7 year olds but I can’t take my own advice. I say it isn’t fair she’s a bi#%h to me…or I don’t wanna have to change my routine to seperate from the drama sitch. You wanna know what those two girls did?  They smiled and said “OK” and didn’t hesitate to go somewhere else and play. Interesting. Right!?


When subbing for Kindergarten I was overwhelmed. Those 5 year olds were what they call “squirlly” I sent 6 to the nurse because they said they were sick. Then to find out they got crackers and that’s why they were “sick”.  In hindsight,  I should’ve known a 5 year old didn’t have hip pain 😜  I was so elated when later the kids brought me a pile of sorry notes for behaving badly. My favorite was one that said “I’m sorry for you” ha. Me too. Me too. Maybe we could learn from the kids and say I’m sorry more often or as some of the kids wrote “I liked you” and “thanks for teaching us”. Maybe appreciating people more. Having more gratitude could make us less jaded and be optimistic like kids.

Elementary kids are constantly giving compliments and hugs. I don’t see hate as much as I see genuine love. Sure they know by telling me  I’m pretty I’m gonna maybe,  like them more. However,  it’s refreshing to hear compliments in a world of critics. I recently was involved with a guy I had a huge crush on just like in elementary school except without the notes. He never once told me I was pretty. In fact had he not kissed me like he did (which was the best kissing I had in forev! Like it was just easy, effortless) I wouldn’t have known he was in to me. However,  because he never paid me a compliment I literally felt CRUSHED. We weren’t in love but man,  I really liked being with him. It would’ve been nice to hear a compliment or two. I told him he was hot all the time. So it made me question if he thought I was pretty.

So maybe we should spend more time on what we love,  move on and away from the jerks,  and say I think you’re pretty or handsome more often.  I think you’re quite the catch because you’re reading my blog. 😉 love not hate makes America great.



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