Let’s hope I’m having a Mandy Moore moment…

I wondered what happened to Mandy Moore. I knew she had married then gotten divorcetd. However,  the last I remember she was in “A Walk to Remember” which I loved. I also loved her pop hit “I Wanna Be with You” I own the CD. Then I heard about this new tear jearker “This is Us” so I binge watched. I love a good cry 😉. So amazing.

So I thought why did she hold back her talent for so long?  She’s gorge,  can sing and act. I was for sure she chose to not sing or act, maybe didn’t love it any moore(see what I did there!?  😉)Then I saw she was featured in an article on-line at Byrdie.com . I was shocked on what really happened.

So like me, Mandy hit a stumbling block. I guess we have more in common than our name and our good looks,  haha. OK just the name.  😜 She told Byrdie.Com  She just kept getting failed pilots including 3 we never got to see! She said it was “debilitating” and thought about doing something else…then Golden Globe nominated “This is Us” came along. I also loved Mandy’s openness to talk about seeking talk therapy. A lot of people gasp when I openly say “well my therapist thinks… Well my therapist thinks my blogs are inspiring. 😉

William Feather says “Success seems to be largely a matter of hanging on after others have let go” this has been in my bedroom since I graduated from Ball State with a dream in my heart.


Still holding on and hope you do too



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