Gratitude brings multitude

I really believe in the power of being grateful. Every time I sit and write a list of gratitude,  I feel happy and productive. Being grateful makes me want to do more in my life. I also believe you have to remind your brain to focus on the good. Your brain is like a manual camera. You have to focus the picture on what ya have going for you.


For instance,  today I  was starting to fret about a second interview at a job I know I could do well and love. Then I was hurt that a person  who I just had lunch with  was ignoring me. Why?  I did nothing wrong. It’s them not me. So I had to refocus the picture and feel grateful for my two independent contract voice work jobs. How lucky I get to earn money doing what I love!? Even though money is super tight and rent money is not gonna happen on time,  I have things to appreciate. My hair has 3 inches of root but hey the rooty look is in right!?  Refocus. Gratitude will bring multitude of good to you. ❤


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