Forgiveness to Freedom and “just lie here with me… “(“Chasing Cars” Snow patrol)

Tonight we raise a glass of our favorite spirit and say Hasta Luego to 2016. Go out with a bang or maybe just a nice buzz. I was trying to think out this most awesome last blog of 2016 when I turned on my favorite song. It’s from 2006!!! Snow Patrol “Chasing Cars” Grammy award winning artist Ed Sheeran says it’s one of the top 20  best songs ever written. The song is still played on Hot AC “pop” radio. Today this song coincided with a book I started to read 4 months ago!  I’m a slow reader. Actually I wanted to really use this book “the Law of Happiness” by Dr. Henry Cloud as research for this blog so I read it slow to sink in.  So today the song rang true to one of the book’s main principles (see what I did there “rang” like ring in the new year!?)

So in the fourth  verse of “Chasing Cars” the song says ” I need your grace to remind me to find my own” I had an epiphany. In the chapter on forgiveness, Cloud points to   the Bible  “if you do not forgive men their sins,  your father will not forgive your sins” Now if the Bible isn’t your  jam Dr. Henry Cloud says “it is wrong to think that we can be forgiven and yet not grant forgiveness to others”. Then here’s where grace comes in, Dr. Cloud says “this is not even just. The choice we are given is clear: which system do you want to be on, grace or justice?”

Do you want every sin or wrong(if legal) you’ve done to be put on trial!?  I don’t. I want the grace to give someone who did me wrong the grace to move on. I’d like people to give me the grace to screw up too. We are human. People may not even mean to harm you but their problems blinded them to treat you unfairly.

I work in radio for multiple reasons and this is one of them. Music is our feelings in song. They teach us lessons. “So will you lie with me and forget the world… And I  need your grace to find my own” maybe we can move into a positive start to 2017 by forgiveness to the unfairness or hurt  of 2016, whatever that may be,  a boyfriend,  a lover,  a friend, a former employer or a family member. You deserve a fresh start just like me. Forgive. Release those chains that are keeping you in the unfair situation.  Feel the wind and sun on your face like you were just released  from prison. Let’s face it we have the ability to create that prison and the ability  to have grace to  break out of that prison into freedom.

Peace and love,

If you think this is about you, maybe it is and yes   I forgive you or am in the process of breaking the chain.



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