My addiction is a little shocking.

So I’ve learned I’m addicted to people. What!? Yep. It’s true. My therapist pointed it out to me and I was shocked. How could I be addicted to a person?  Then like every new idea I let it soak in. Then I realized it may be true!

I remember in college I had to read a book by a broadcaster for my Telecommunications class and write a report. So I chose a book by Dan Rather. I thought it was super interesting as he talked about  Vietnam and covering the war zones. So I wrote this beautiful report on how awesome I thought Dan Rather was as a person. I got my report back and my teacher,  a former ABC reporter,  Phil Bremen said you can’t believe everything one reporter says. He went on to say I need to take everything with a grain of salt. I put too much emphasis on how great I thought Dan Rather was and it’s all on his own OPINION and I took it as  fact. We all now he was fired for lying about George w. Bush with false documents about his service.

That’s when it hit me, I am addicted to people. In my own life too. When that friend I trusted lies to me, I would sometimes quit them. Wait. Aren’t friends allowed to be human? No-one is perfect. However, I depend on or rather am addicted to people. I’m not only addicted to their companionship and trust but their opinion. I act as if this opinion is the be all and end all of opinons. When it’s not. Everyone has opinions  but they aren’t all fact. Sometimes I find myself unable to make a simple decision because I need a friend’s opinion and I’m so addicted to people I take it as fact.

Woah. This was huge for me. I know now the person I should only be addicted to is myself. My opinion is the end all be all. Sure I can love people but I need to be OK when people are human and let me down. I shouldn’t let my day be ruined because they upset me or changed their mind about spending time with me. I realized I would cancel my whole day when someone said they forgot they had something to do when they had promised to be with me. That’s an addiction. It’s like an alcoholic not getting vodka.  So I move forward and I will try to break the addiction. The first step is admitting it,  right?


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  1. chainbreakercorporation says:

    Yes and you are very brave for admitting there is a problem and sharing it! You should be proud of yourself!

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