The Pretenders were a group not me…

(What it’s like when people look over your shoulder for someone better to talk with. )

I refuse to pretend to be perfect. Perfection doesn’t go hand in hand with being human. It’s never possible. I attended a party recently and tried to be soft spoken and not be well, me. Yep I’m loud,a klutz(I spilt my beer,  the second one,  I was not drunk,  lol)  and I say what every one in the room is thinking. Now mind you this was in a bar with adults with no kids present. I’ve learned you do need to be respectful around young kids.

At this party I had friends look around the room to see if someone heard what I said. I mean God forbid in a bar I say a curse word. My favorite is when you’re talking with someone and they look over your shoulder for someone better to talk with. Unless it’s the president or the queen of England, it’s beyond rude. I expect this in Hollywood as I’ve been there.

It’s funny because as I am searching through my life in boxes for my Ball State Transcript, I found all these goals I made at 18. One goal was to move to LA. I laugh now because that place is just not me. I love Hollywood. I’d love to be on the radio red carpet someday covering the music award shows but 3 days living the fast life is enough for this girl. You’d spend your everyday life questioning whether someone is waiting for the next big star to come along. So goals change when you get new information.

I also said I hoped to only make 30 grand, haha. While I’ve made that before,  a single woman can’t live on just 30 grand. I did say I’d graduate Ball State in telecommunications and I did!  I said I’d act and I do bits across the country for radio,  so I did that!  Then I said I’d be an entertainment reporter and so I’m not exactly that, but  I love being a radio personality.

I had goals to be thin, have a hot man and travel. So, I’m a work in progress. However,  I know for sure I can’t be perfect. My imperfections make me who I am. People often say my energy is infectious. They laugh because I say what I think. I’m OK with being me. If you wanna look over my shoulder for something better than keep moving and don’t look back. I will move on too. I can be professional but I refuse to pretend with my true friends. If you’re emabarrased, it’s about you not me. Remember that people often project their insecurities on to you. Also another lesson, don’t ask permission, just do it and ask forgiveness later. I learned these lessons since I wrote my goals when I was 18. Sometimes I forget so I wrote this blog as a reminder. Be you because there’s no-one else like you. Also you may have to make new goals every now and then after you get new information.


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