Repeat: I won’t compare myself to others!

(I worked 3 jobs to complete my degree at BSU while having no parents,  paying my own bills and maintaining a 3.2 GPA then the photo above happened. It seems about right, ha 🤗)

It’s like comparing apples to oranges. God said “carry your own load” Do we know what each person carries?  No. So why do we insist on comparing ourselves to someone’s story when we don’t know every chapter?

In Dr. Henry Cloud’s “the Law of Happiness” we learn of a doctor who thought he was less than his collegue, Dr. Miller because he had published more,  was on boards,  and head of a department. Then Dr. Cloud said “Did their father call them a loser?  Did they suffer from Severe Depression including one hospital stay?  Did they work 3 jobs to make it through medical school and pay off all their loans? Did you put that in the equation!?”  You see the Dr. Miller didn’t have all those obstacles. Dr. Cloud pointed out as he knew both stories. So yeah Dr. Miller seemed to be farther along but the reality is that he didn’t have obstacles like this doctor did. We have to accept our own reality. It is what it is.

I have had many obstacles. They make me empathetic. I’m gonna be honest I wouldn’t be as funny without a little dirt in my wounds. You can’t play the victim because no-one is going to save you except you. In the end, do you appreciate the doctor who glided through life or the one who overcame huge obstacles? I’m going with the second because he probably studied harder and appreciates being able to save lives. Appreciation comes from fighting for what you want. You can’t appreciate something that’s “almost” handed to you.


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