What if we saw snow like kids do….

(Today I hope my Dad, C. Reuben is my angel in heaven, as it’s his birthday)

I woke up to see several inches of fluffy but packed snow on my car LuLu. It took maybe 2 min to take a broom and get it off but the whole time I cursed mama nature. Then I sat down to my cup of espresso at Starbucks upset over yesterday’s attachment crisis and the snow on top of it.. I was instantly negative about the whole day. However, what if we saw snow as something fun and beautiful like kids. What if we changed our perspective?

You see yesterday my Gmail wouldn’t attach my audio (probably human error as I’m not the next Bill Gates) so I immediately saw myself missing this shot. It’s a job that’s perfect for me and one I can clearly visualize doing!  I’ve even dreampt of being there and succeeding. I know in my heart if they want me they’ll reach out. I can’t imagine an error like this would keep me from making people laugh. In fact I picture after getting the job we’ll all laugh about it and it’ll be a chapter in my book. I really think my attachment was too attached to my computer and needs therapy! (I wrote that in the rebuttle e-mail )

So I looked at the big fluffy snow flakes and thought for maybe the second time in my life,  it was pretty. Each flake really is unique just like me. OK so my e-mail wouldn’t attach my demo on my windows 78 computer. Does this mean I’m a failure?  If he or she saw my sparkle,  would it dull my sparkle!?  I would understand it affecting my chances if I were applying to work for Google. However I don’t see that in my future. It’s just why out of all the jobs I’ve interviewed for (some I rejected) and sent my demo successfully, did this one mess up?  It’s either gonna make me stand out positively or not. I don’t believe this could be the real reason they aren’t sure of my potential.

So until the final answer comes down  I’m not giving up. I will choose to see and be amazed on how each snowflake is unique and because of that,  really beautiful when they all fall from the sky. Kids would see that and they sure wouldn’t worry about making a mistake on the previous day. When they fall,  they get back up and dance. So I’m gonna be optimistic and wait for the call saying I landed an interview because they’d be lucky to get someone who is human but works twice as hard after a mistake to make it right. If that doesn’t work maybe my Dad will be my guardian angel in Heaven. Today is his Birthday. He was around my age when he died so I should be grateful for being alive today. Who knows maybe that wasn’t meant for me or maybe it is meant to happen. I believe everything happens in God’s plan. I believe the same for you too.


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