I’d be someone’s 17th choice.

So my friend wanted a job she found out about a couple months ago but the “people in power” went in another direction. Fast forward to today and  the position is still open. Now the “people in power” want to interview her. She said she doesn’t want to be someone’s 2nd choice. I said “if I could get the job I wanted I’d be someone’s 17th choice”.

You see we always say “you have to kiss some frogs before ya find your prince” so in the career world it works pretty much the same. The “people in power” may not immediately see your sparkle and that’s OK. Things in life worth having sometimes take time. You have to keep shining and eventually they’ll notice you if it’s meant to be. Also maybe just maybe they didn’t over look you in the first place but one person thought they wanted something else and it wasn’t about your talent.

For instance,  I know of one radio personality who wasn’t the company’s 1st choice. In fact he wasn’t their 2nd choice or even their third!  The deals fell through with the first three. Either the first choices wanted more money or it just wasn’t a good fit. So the company chose their 4th pick. Well he’s now been at that job for over 10 years which is huge in radio.

Giuliana rancic had a successful career on E!  News. However,  did ya know she was fired shortly after being cast?  A couple months later they rehired her and the rest is history on the Hollywood red carpet.

So sure don’t choose me at first. I don’t care if it takes a minute for you to see I’m a good choice. I’m confident in my talents and going to keep trying. I hope you do the same.


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