The power is in you.

(With my former “Big Sister” Lisa who helps me remember my powers)

I was volunteering for my favorite organization Big Brothers Big Sisters the other day and Samuel said a truth. Samuel was 8 and he gets it. Sam said “if you drink the whole carton of Milk,  you’ll have the power it says on the Milk carton” I laughed. Then I said ” ya know what Samuel,  you don’t even have to drink the whole carton to have that power if you believe you do” He of course said “yep! ” OK so maybe milk carton’s don’t have “powers” on them but the thing is he’s on to something.

Kids say some of the most simple but powerful thoughts. They fall down and jump back up saying “I’m fine!  Wanna dance?” You see Samuel hasn’t been jaded by bills,  responsibilities, and hate of the adult world. They see the love. They move from one activity to another with curiosity and gratitude. They dance with no music. Samuel had this contagious energy. The energy made me stop and appreciate life. Samuel grabbed my hand and said “lets make a snowman for my big brother”(they arrive a little after the kids get there) He was kind. He was giving. He was the happiest kid there. Hmmmm. What if we all did as Samuel did,  maybe we could find our happy.

I want you to know Samuel is in that program because he doesn’t have what some deem a great life. I asked Samuel about his Mom and Dad as we waited for his Mom. He said “it’s just my Mom,  my Dad is kinda crazy” I said “oh ya,  is your Mom coming from work?” Samuel said “ya, she just got it.  but she lost her job before  that,  they said she was slow but she’s not! She’s fast, I mean she’s not a Granny” haha. He sees the best in his Mom.  Samuel was the best behaved and most polite boy that afternoon.  You’d never know he came from a broken home.

I share this because we need to find our gratitude. I’ve been writing a gratitude journal. I write 5 things everday in my phone. If I forget I just write for the previous day.

December 3 2016

1. Having a healthy dinner! I actually made whole wheat spaghetti with extra lean hamburger!

2. Dolly parton and Miley Jolene on the voice

3. I mopped with this yummy smelling gain swiffer thing.

4. Being able to pay my rent.

5. My 10 yr old computer that still works!

Now your turn. See if it makes a difference. Samuel is right you can have any power as long as you believe you have it. It’s like Dorothy from Wizard of Oz,  she never needed the ruby slippers as  the power was in her all along but sometimes just like samuel you need to drink the Milk or like Dorothy wear the slippers to believe. Do what ya need to believe in your powers.


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