Be a Whoopi…

I got off the phone with my person,  former Big Sister(BBBS)  and I sat feeling sorry for myself. I sat there and started to dim my own light thinking maybe I should give up on my dreams. The difference between us is I’m a dreamer and she’s a realist. So maybe you need a healthy dose of both. I’ve worked at Starbucks,  sold make-up,  was a makeup artist on a film set,  been a promotions coordinator, subbed, been an aide to a child with cerebral palsy, voice acting and more to get where I am in radio. So I turned on Oprah’s master class and  Whoopi Goldberg said sometimes you’ve gotta do what you don’t want til you get where you need to be.  I am a work horse. I thought 2 years ago when I was heard on Indy radio and given a full time gig in  Fort Wayne,  it was my break. Then a year later the station fired all the talent and flipped. I know I can get another better opportunity… You don’t just get one break.

Oprah’s Master Class with Vanessa Williams hit a trigger too.  She said she wasn’t resentful of losing her Miss America crown, she forgave and moved on. She realized she’d have to work hard to overcome the scandal but she had a dream to be on Broadway and Miss America wasn’t her end game. She says “success is the sweetest revenge”

I came to the epiphany, I was resentful of how hard it’s been for me when it SEEMS easy for others.  That’s stupid!  How do I know it was easy for them?  I’m trying to hold others accountable IF I fail. Like,  well it’s because I didn’t know the right people or it was easier for them. Maybe I need to try harder. As Vanessa Williams said “90% is showing up.”

I think my biggest regret in my career is quitting before I left the gate. I am now doing what I  should have done years ago,  applying to everything because you never know. I would take a No in market 50…then think well noone will want me in a larger market. That’s just not true. Every job is SUBJECTIVE. We are all humans so we are all different. So how can I expect a boss in every market is the same on how they choose talent for their radio station. It takes one person to believe in you to win a job and the first person has to be yourself. I do believe in me. Whoopi Goldberg asked her agent if she could audition for “Ghost” and she was informed they didn’t want her because people would see her as Whoopi and she’d pull people away from the film. However,  because she said what she wanted, 3 weeks later,  Patrick Swayze asked why she didn’t audition as he heard she was interested. He then found out what happened and insisited to visit her on a remote set to see of they had chemistry. Well as you know she won an Oscar for the role. You think Whoopi cares about what others think?  Nah.

Here’s what I  know for sure:

1. I’m talented  sometimes I’m funny but sometimes I’m just real.

2. I’m a really hard worker. Like surprisingly good for radio. At the beginning of my career I did mornings while working another job and attending full time college.  I don’t act like a majority of talent. I remeber people’s names. I take interns to shows. I help pack up the tent even in cold blustery weather! Once the tent literally blew away and the tech and I chased after it!

3. I’m an honest good person.

4. I communicate with all off the staff so we are all successful. I’d do a spec spot(a commercial for consideration)  and have it in the sales e-mail inbox within 30 minutes. Sales people were impressed. Time is important to close deals and I respected them.

5. I give compliments often because people need to be appreciated.

6. I take constructive criticism and do what my boss wants. Sure I may disagree or cry in my car but they are my boss.

7. I love coming up with new ideas with other funny radio people. That’s why I love promotions meetings. They can be hilarious. I should tape them!

8. I treat listeners like friends and respond to their social media even if it’s to say Mandi is annoying. I’d repsond with as the station saying ” we appreciate your opinion.” They’d usually write something positive in return. People want to be heard. At the beginning of my career I took it personally and while I still do (lets be real)  everyone has a right to their opinion. I think it’s good when  people love and hate you. Keeps people listening to what you’ll  say next. You can’t please everyone.

9. I froze my fat. Coolsculpting doctor wanted an endorsement. They liked me. However it’s FDA approved but not recommended. However I  loved my job and wanted to be a good sport so I. FROZE. MY. FAT. 🤗

Maybe you should do this exercise. Write your good qualities. How can you sell yourself to do what you want?

I know this for sure,  all those NOs got me closer to the RIGHT yes. I also tend to come across the finish line in just the nick of time.  I like the drama in it all plus the book will be more riveting. You’ve got to let go of the negative resentment to let the light of positive thinking in. Be a Whoopi …


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