You don’t have to stay broken but you can’t break here…

(I’ve gotten QT with G Michaels in this break.)

When I realized this last career move wasn’t a good choice for me I started to break down. I couldn’t break down here because I was working on air in the public! ¬†I couldn’t seek asylum like Selena Gomez because I am like you, the working middle class. We can’t skip off into the horizon and seek help at a beach resort known as “rehab” ¬†While I ¬†applaud Selena for openly discussing the issue, ¬†it angered me a little too. Let’s be real, ¬† that’s for ¬†1% of the population! ¬†I ¬†am writing this for us, the real people, living paycheck to paycheck or those with responsibilites like kids.

I called a therapist. I will stop right here. ¬†People are somewhat shocked I openly admit to seeing a therapist which is why many of our society has problems! ¬†Speaking to an unbiased person about life is healthy. Life is hard, ¬†right!? ¬†Hell, ¬†remember how hard winning the board game of “Life” was when you were young!? ¬†Real life is a gazillion times harder!

So, I tried to find the good. I tried to see the silver lining that I had a job doing what I loved, ¬†making people laugh with stories. I love radio. I love being on radio ¬†and listening to radio. ¬†I would compliment and recognize co workers for their on air work. I had co workers ¬†say they didn’t listen anymore. I was shocked. I was sad because I thought highly of their ¬†talent. Then it hit me, ¬†something was ¬†broken. ¬†They didn’t have my passion… slowly I became overwhelmed by this way of thinking. However, ¬†you can’t just say see ya later. You have a job to do and bills to pay.

You see Selena was right, ¬†you don’t have to stay broken. However, ¬†let’s be honest. In OUR non famous world, ¬†you don’t have to stay broken but you can’t break here. We don’t have the money or time to break. So you find ways to mend your broken. Mine was food. I slowly undid my successful weight loss endorsement. I shopped and bought things I ¬†didnt need which I have since sold (that may have been a God sent as I needed the money) ¬†Then… ¬†sometimes God comes to the rescue and cuts ties for you. ¬†For months as I’ve carefully looked ¬†for the RIGHT fit I’ve questioned why it happened. Maybe everything happens for a reason. I hope I can show you that is true. I hope I find my ¬†happily ever after, after all the tears, ¬†sleepless nights and Doctor visits.

Yep, ¬†like Selena I was and still may be a bit broken but that’s what being human is all about. That’s actually what makes me who I am on air, empathetic, genuine and real. ¬†Maybe I shouldn’t write these words but I think it’s important for you to know while my Facebook, ¬†insta and twitter are funny and bubbly… I, ¬†your average young woman was falling apart. I still have days I find it hard to get up but I have a days I’m so much healthier for the things that unfairly happened to a girl who just wanted to make people laugh. It’s been a hard rough path but I realize I needed the lesson. I’ve learned how to react better to unfair situations, ¬†I’ve learned how to research ¬†better and I’ve learned I can be better than I was because of being broken. I guess sometimes you’ve got to be torn down to see you have a solid foundation and then you can build a better self or house… Ha. You get my point. I’m a really good house with curb appeal. ūüėú

So as a mentor, ¬†Joy Robbins, said “suck it up and tough it out” Hey, ¬†what comes out may be your best sh#@ yet! ¬†I’m ready to get back in the ring of radio and I’ve got a TON of great material. Like a sh@# ass ton. You’re gonna wanna get the app of my new station because it’s that good.

Details soon but know this, ¬†I am a fighter and won’t give up what I’ve worked hard to achieve. Like “the help” said “you is smart. You is kind. You is pretty.” I’ve got a few to prove wrong too ūüėČ however more importantly I have me to prove right! ¬†I got this and so do you.


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