I’ll talk about it…

Why don’t people ask why!?  When my doctor said start your birth control the Sunday after your period ends,  I asked why?  Here’s the answer:

1. Your birth control is most effective the day after your period ends. It will be effective in 7 days. However some doctors say 1 month to be sure.

2. So why Sunday then?  If you start on Sunday you remember it better. Also you will be on the heavier portion of your cycle during the week and by the weekend you’ll be very light if not done.

I always ask why because if I know the reason I’m more likely to remember. I’m never afraid to ask questions. Now in another blog I will tell you about asking a simple question that cost me my job. Oh wait that will be in my book because it’s too bizarre and worth the wait.  Oh the stories I will tell some day. Even after that I will keep asking questions. You’ll never grow if you don’t know. Asking questions should never cost you your livelihood or anything for that matter. If they do,  you need to grow somewhere else.

So why are you reading my blog?  Answer on my Facebook under this post!  Keep asking questions!!!


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