Faux Facebook…

(Picture from status below)


So recently a girl I  became “friends” with  on Facebook and only met once said to a mutual friend “why is Mandi always upset on Facebook? ” I really was upset over that comment (pun intended 😜) so I went back through my status updates and realized what she wasn’t getting…

A. I’m sarcastic.

B. My humor is often truthful and self depricating because I try to not make fun of others.

C. I do try to be real. I can’t be anything else. That’s my personality and you have to be true to yourself. It’s made me  a living in radio so because a woman I met once thinks something doesn’t make me want to change.

D. She may react this way because everyone else isn’t keeping it real but saying what they want people to think about their life.

So let’s have some fun.

Mandi’s real Facebook status vs. A faux facebook status.

A. If you missed it last night, here’s the #DrunkGuyAtFridays he asked what I did 5 times, he asked if I like sports, I said no so then he said so you do sports radio (repeated 3 times) this is when I should’ve said what do I do? Not you. finally he passed out. At 830pm. At the bar! I’m a lucky lucky girl. Epic story. #TerreHauteStories (picture above)

B.  So I had an amazing night out. I don’t need anyone but myself to have a good time. So MANY guys hit on me while sitting at the bar. The funniest one was this guy who was clearly drunk and passed out!  Luckily I had so many men who wanted me I had a fantastic night!  (Picture above)


A. Today as I volunteered for the after school program with #BBBS I pointed out to a child his shoe was untied, he then said “I don’t know how” so then the embarrassing moment, I go to tie his shoe… And yes I’m an adult who ties my shoes in bunny ears! 😂😂😂

B. Today as I read to the blind orphans I realized how wonderful I am. Those kids smiled and laughed at all my jokes. I’m truly making a difference.

A. Every time I go to the store I forget lightbulbs. I’m sharing one lightbulb with all my three lamps. I move it to the room I’m in. Sad or smart savings? 😜

B. So I  realized how fortunate I am to have all the light I need from my lamp made of pure crystals. I wish you could be as lucky as me.

A. I’m literally shocked and devastated. I am afraid that women’s rights are in danger. All we can do is hope God can heal this troubled nation.

B. I think Love is the answer. I’m always positive in times like these. Let’s give Trump a chance. Let’s not get upset over his name calling because leaders have to take a stand.

I think you get my point.

I will always say what I think. Ok maybe not everything but I’m a genuine person and I  won’t stop having an opinion.


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