Positive thinking keeps you in the game.

I’m kicking myself(not literally because I don’t bend that way). I’m my own worst enemy. I wrote a non fiction essay this summer. I got the information wrong for a contest and missed an opportunity for publication. So I once again felt like the big F word… No not that word, potty mouth… But a big fat failure.

What’s so funny is I don’t really think being a  failure is negative  because every one has to fail to succeed. However,  our society has put a negative connotation on this word. It’s easy to throw myself under the bus and feel negatively about every. Single. Mistake. Honestly that’s all they are just little mistakes that lead to a success. So, I know thoughts equal things. So we’ve got to go to bed with positive thoughts and wake up to a positive thought.

I know JK Rowling “Harry Potter” books were turned down many times before getting published. Yet instead of looking for other opportunities I wallowed in my misstep. So just now I found a contest that expired 10 days ago because I just found the courage to try again. Now it’s too late. Maybe it’s not too late? Now I’ve learned you’ve got to keep looking. So I missed one opportunity, it certainly shouldn’t derail me from a dream. A dream is just a wish without a plan.  Don’t give up after one no because it’s so subjective.

I’ve accomplished more than I give myself credit for so maybe you are the same. For instance, while unemployed I’ve written this blog consistently for 4 months which I wouldn’t have done had I been busy with work. I have volunteered working with Big Brothers Big Sisters after school program where my empathy and compassion for others has grown. I’ve spent quality time with my Grandma,  G Michaels.  We’ve got to keep our eye on the prize and feel like we have already won. We need to remember nothing is gonna be handed to you. You have to use your own hands to make it happen.


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