I did forget how to ride a bike…

(With winners at my last radio gig,  my fave part of radio)

When I was 8 I forgot how to ride a bike debunking the popular saying. I should’ve known I was made to be a little off kilter. I was hospitalized at 8 for 6 months. When I returned home I looked at the bike like it were a foreign object. My Dad had taught me a year and a half before but I couldn’t remember. Maybe I thought I couldn’t because he was gone. So my next door neighbor reminded me I could and held on to the back just like my Dad did and let go when I wasn’t looking just like my Dad did.  Maybe I hadn’t forgot but thought I couldn’t without my Dad.

Maybe we all need to realize we have the power to do a lot of things without the help of others. Maybe falling off the bike teaches us we can get back up and are stronger for it. It’s getting back on that’s the toughest after a fall. I know in this lull of my career I sometimes wonder if I can get back on the bike and if I do will I have the same rough ride as my last. Then I realize I learned A LOT about how to be better because of my last crash. I know now, I never really forgot how to ride the bike but thought I needed my Dad to be successful. The truth was I had the power all along,  I just needed to believe I could do it. I believe I can get back on and have a great ride just like I did when I was 8. However,  can I start with training wheels?  Ha.  Just kidding.




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