Accept yourself before a Facebook request…

Above has nothing to do with this blog. Just a rando picture of me with a mullet matching my dog,  Alfie. This story comes post mullet….

Do you know how people see you as a person?  A couple days ago a former colleague was murdered. Even though we weren’t friends,  I was very upset Matt’s story ended. He was 44.  Matt had no choice in his ending. That’s what keeps me glued to find out what happened. I know he did nothing to attract this tragedy. I want something to make sense but I can’t,  can I?  What happened is a senseless violent tragedy. You hear it on the news. You read about them. However,  this is the first I’ve ever known someone who’s been murdered. I read the lovely things people wrote about him and I thought to myself what am I doing to get people to be as positive about me? What should I be doing?

When I started a radio job one time I couldn’t figure out why a couple people whom I worked with wouldn’t accept my friend request on Facebook. I know it seems lame,  right?  However we all feel our heart drop when someone doesn’t accept you(litterly). Let’s be honest,  Facebook is who gets the most likes wins the never ending popularity contest,  right!? Also in radio even if you don’t like your on air partners, it’s kinda assumed you pretend. I’m gonna let ya in on a secret,  we don’t all get along. I kept rehashing “they don’t even know me and they clearly don’t like me” I really couldn’t get past something so stupid. I was focusing on the wrong thing. Who cares if they are abrupt or don’t accept my FB request. I need to accept me. I need to love me enough I don’t need their approval. Anyway besides that point I found out after that job,  the reason they didn’t like me on fb or in person was because their friend didn’t get my job. See?  It had nothing to do with me. Don’t get me wrong,  I’m sure I’ve deserved to not be liked before in my life a time or…

So maybe let it go when your co-worker eats your doughnut.

Realize THAT social media post actually isn’t about you even of it says “hey Mandi you suck”  it’s really about them.

Be more tolerant of people because we are all different.

Maybe smile at the traffic jam because you finally get to stop and enjoy a moment of doing nothing but jamming to your fave song(hey Miranda Lambert vice)


For the love of God, accept yourself  🙌and don’t worry about someone who doesn’t really need to be in your world not accepting your FB friend request. It’s a stupid click and really won’t change the way your life is supposed to be.

Oh and say THANK YOU more.

I’ll start, THANK YOU for reading my blog.



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