Social media is keeping me from being social.

Y’all I’m addicted to finding out what all my “friends” are doing om fb then insta then twitter every.  Single. Morning. Like it’s a newspaper. I don’t get out of bed until I find out what I should know.  Wait. A. Minute. People only post what they want me to see. I’m totally falling for it. I see someone advance in their job and I cry because I have yet to find a good job. What’s the real story?  I will never know yet I choose to believe they are living a better life than me. What the hell Mandi!?  I’m a college educated smart woman yet I let twitter decide how I’m gonna feel?  Yep. I scroll through like it’s Paul Revere telling me the British are coming. It prevents me from living MY true life. I’ve let it control how I react and feel about my REAL life. Only to find out that “hopeless romantic couple” on Facebook are in the middle of a divorce or that guy who got what I thought was my dream job is miserable. So why do I let it determine my life’s happiness?  I doubt I’m the only one. We need to realize it’s all for our egos on what we post on social media. Every once in a while we may let the “real” sneak in but mostly it’s BULLSHIT.

Believe me, famous people aren’t as happy as they appear because I’ve been there and I’ve seen them try to drink or drug away the pain. Life is hard enough so why do I scroll through and wish I were someone else?  We all want to be the best I guess. However I know about the real behind being pseudo famous. When I’ve been on air,  listeners make me feel like I’m the most perfect person on earth. Then I’d have a boss walk in my studio saying “what the fuck are you doing Mandi,  focus. Focus “. It broke my heart because I was trying to live out my dream. Maybe I shouldn’t say that but it happened  and I won’t ever be bullied again.  I’m stronger and have had incredible bosses since.

I just read about Ellen degeneres in People and she said she doesn’t read any press about herself. She said there’s that phrase “what you think of me is none of my business. if I’m going to buy into ‘people love me’ than I have to buy into ‘people hate me’ so I just have to like myself and not care what people think, usually if they don’t like you,  it has nothing to do with you”

Amen. Ellen. Amen.


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