The struggle is real searching for the right job, right!?

Today as I heard my fave boy on the radio,  Gavin DeGraw I remembered his story on “Dancing with the Stars” you may recall his story about how his father came to his rescue. Gavin was struggling to get gigs to perform his music. He was living in New York City and after knocking on doors to find a job,  he became tired emotionally. He just was feeling like he couldn’t keep going. Gavin’s father flew in and went out and knocked on doors to get people to listen to his music. It apparently worked or at least gave Gavin confidence to keep working toward his dream.

I’ve hit that point. It’s been 5 months and they say it takes 6 months to find a job on average.  Two weeks ago I had scheduling conflicts with stations wanting to interview me. Last week I heard birds chirping. It’s so hard going through the emotions of turning down opportunities that just didn’t feel right to getting a “no” rom jobs I thought could be right. I’m a struggling artist just like Gavin DeGraw. I’m talent. So it’s very subjective. I may look great on paper but they need a guy because they already have great women and need balance. The station may want someone that doesn’t sound like me because they have a gal with the same sound. So while I’m talented,  it takes chemistry and timing to land a gig. It’s not like getting a job because you’re qualified like a teacher or nurse. There’s also a shrinking job pool too.

So I feel like I need Gavin’s father to help me! lol. I envy people who have the support of parents. I feel like I’m so tired of trying to sell myself I need help. Maybe I should ask friends and listeners to say why I’d be great and how I’d make the station sound bad-ass in my cover letter.

I think I’ve represented myself well but I am a personality. If you don’t like it than I  am not getting the job. I also realize I’m a strong personality too but listeners have said they love my “I say what I think” personality.  I will sit here and keep sending my demo out while keeping the faith someone will see my sparkle. Meanwhile I may have a couple scoops of  ice cream (not Ben and Jerry like before they left me alone and fat)  low fat this time.


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