Do you stop and think right now everything is pretty ok in your world?  As I sit at Starbucks drinking my $2 coffee(I found a way to get down from $3 and still enjoy it)  I’m lucky to use the free Wi-Fi and enjoy a good espresso drink. I’m writing this blog and it’s therapeutic and I hope my blogs will help others like you. I’m very bad at being mindful.

According to Dr. Henry Cloud in the book “the law of happiness” it’s important to sit down and write what you’re feeling right now. If you do this you’ll be happier according to a study  of those who did and those who didn’t. We are constantly thinking about the future. I know I do. Where will I get a job?  Will I find the partner of my dreams?  When you think of the what ifs and the unknown it stresses you out right!?  It stresses me out because I have no control.  I only can control the moment now.

So I’m gonna start trying to be mindful of things I’m grateful for now.  I have a roof over my head. I have a 91 year old Grandma that makes me laugh when she says “how did the interview go? ” me “I don’t feel great about it” G says “well shit. Then we don’t need em” she’s right.  I’m grateful for my new tires because I need Lu Lu to be dependable. So life at this moment isn’t too shabby.


Mindfulness probably will take me away from obsessing about FOMO (fear of missing out)  on social media too.  That’s a tough one for me. People’s lifes look so much better in the fake world of Facebook.

So let’s do this.  Appreciate the moment now and write it down.



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