Can you be anything you want to be!? They lied to us growing up because YOU CAN’T

When I was 9 I would grab one of my many microphones and perform. I would sing off key,  tell jokes and entertain the audience of two,  me and my imaginary friend Jenny. I knew I’d do something with performance one day. Maybe it would even be on Broadway. Remember how your elementary teachers would say “what do you wanna be when you grow up?  You can be anything you want to be if you set your mind to it”. Sorry to burst your bubble but he or she lied.

I think it hit me when I was a junior in college reporting for Ball State’s CNN student bureau. I was a great reporter. However,  I was too short and didn’t have the right look for TV. Now could I have been in some small market in some random town?  Maybe or maybe not. So ok maybe I could be on TV but it came with restrictions. Your Dreams shouldn’t come with restrictions. My 4th grade teacher said I could be anything I wanted to be and said nothing about restrictions. Sure it’s possible if I we’re in the right place at the right time I could live out my dream of walking the red carpet interviewing the stars but there’s a point you need to realize where you’d get the most out of your talents. So ya I’m never gonna be in a Broadway musical either. I wanna be the best at whatever I do. Don’t you?

This is why you need to recognize what talents God gave you. You sometimes have to re route your dreams. I stayed in radio because I knew I was really good at telling stories,  connecting with listeners  and could make people laugh. I didn’t realize the dream would have obstacles like the shrinking job pool. So I may have to look for what other talents God gave me and re route my dream.

I often think of a girl on my speech team in high school, Christine. She was homely,  had bad hygeine and wore shoes with holes in them to speech tournaments. She wasn’t talented in acting. She would do poorly at every meet. However,  she was super smart. Christine probably could have helped cure cancer because she was very good at science. However all she dreamed about was acting. I remember at the speech senior banquet she announced she was moving to New York to pursue Broadway. I was baffled. Why would she think she had a chance? I felt badly for her unrealistic dream. About a year after moving to New York, Christine killed herself. Tears still sting my eyes as I think about her. Should we have said something?  Do you crush someone’s dream?  I honestly don’t have that answer. There’s always a random chance she could have made it.

My point is you have to be realistic. Sure you’re talented. You just may not have the talent to be a lawyer,  Doctor or the next broadway star. Yes,  they lied to us,  you can’t be whatever you wanna be.



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