I’m a yes girl, you?

I’m a yes girl myself. If a boss asked me to do something, my answer was almost always yes. If Granny G Michaels asks for something it’s yes. Michael j. Fox said you get more out of life by saying yes more than no. So I say yes.

A couple months into the job search I have to say no. I feel wrong saying it. I need a job so why am I saying no!?  My gut is why. It’s amazing that my gut says more than stop eating ice cream,  but it’s telling me this latest job offer doesn’t feel right for what I want in a career.

My former boss said it best, my gut was looking for “validation” when I asked her opinion. She also said it’s much easier to say no now than to undo an expensive move for a job I’m unsure of in the first place.  Another boss said you are interviewing them too and I  did just that.

So maybe a no can get me more experiences too. More experiences that are better for what I want in life.




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