Acne gives me life

Ok we all hate pimples. However I  have to say zits give me life. I look super young thanks to the oil in my skin. I also worked for Clinique and learned some things about skin.


A. Stay out of the sun. I haven’t tanned in 7 years.

B. Moisturize. Yes, use an oil free moisturizer when you have acne because that’s why it’s there,  basically,  it thought you weren’t getting enough oil so it over produced and the zit popped up.

C. Exfoliate dead skin because that’s what causes wrinkles. It builds up and leaves a crease in the skin. It’s one way to prevent them. They will still come but you can help some not to form.

D. Moisturizer that says it fights aging is a lie unless you can afford the good shit. Just get a good creamy oil free mosturizer.

The other day a man said you we’re born in 91?  Sure. That’s absolutely right. Wait how old does that make me!?,  crap I suck at math so I ruined that awesome moment. I guess I’m not perfect. Haha




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