The cryptic FB post

I never intended it to be cryptic. I had a lot of hard career decisions to make last week. I was a bit stressed because I want to make a better decision than my last one. On Thursday after an 8 hour drive round trip for an important interview I became exhausted as I had 4 interviews last week. So when I got home I posted “thanks for the kindness(referring to everyone saying my pre interview picture was beautiful and I didn’t have a ‘face’ for radio” then I said “Good bye ”

Here’s what I meant about Good Bye… I needed a break from the fake world of Facebook. I only show the good parts. Radio is tough to get a break in because there’s lots of pretty faces with talent like me. I can’t let my friends who may have never met me lift me up and then when the job I want goes to someone else I fall crashing to the ground. It’s easy to let Facebook, twitter,  or even Instagram make you feel so so good but they don’t have all the facts to make that decision. There’s a false sense of self that comes from your fans and friends on all social media platforms.


I just needed to step away. I know I have the talent. I know I have the work ethic. However no matter how many people say I’m great on Facebook or insta,  an employer knows these are my friends and  aren’t going to base their decision on this. I needed to take a hard look at what I have to offer and not be influenced by people who may not know the whole truth.

I appreciate the friends who called and were concerned. This has been a difficult time. “Victory is in my veins. When the fire is at my feet again. And the vultures all start circling, they’re whispering you’re out of time… I will rise” Katy Perry


Thanks so much.



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