My Radio Story…..

Above with listener Saundra who had lunch with me 3 months ago wearing a Pick Your Purse satchel she won on my show. Made me smile.


It’s been 4 months. 4 lonely months. Every week I face my truth by filing unemployment on Sunday. I cry almost every time.

I was reading an article about Thomas Gibson getting fired from Criminal Minds and I was on his side until I read it. He took no responsibility for any of the incidents of two physical altercations and even a DUI arrest. I realize as a human we all make a mistake or two. The fact he said they were all a misunderstanding makes me not believe him. Now I am sure he wasn’t the only reason those altercations happened but it’s like he can’t accept he was also involved.


Now when the perverbile shit hit the fan I was there. I take responsibility that I could have taken a different path but I also know I don’t need to find Justice. There’s no Justice to find. It’s what it is. They moved in another direction and I did too.

So,  I cry because it’s hard when people ask what happened. I can’t say and won’t tell because it really doesn’t matter. For the first month I defended myself to family and close friends. Now I know it was really the only realistic path.

I watched “Philadelphia” for the first time on my Hiatus. I noticed a big star who had a bit role and was surprised she had been trying to make it in Hollywood that long. It was Dr. Miranda Baily aka Chandra Wilson from “Greys Anatomy” she was near 40 before she got her real break. In fact after researching her on-line she kept her full-time bank job into season 1 taping. She only quit when she knew it would be picked up. That story inspires me to keep going.

I figure God put me here for a reason. Sometimes,  I’m mad at the decision. I wasn’t certain when I made the choice but who is completely?   I showed up and really contributed. I am proud of the increase in Insta followers and some of the videos I cooked up. I really admired how Eric,my PD was very calm and easy going. I loved working with the talented Kevin Lambert too. He didn’t hesitate to help me with any video idea I pitched to him.  Kevin didn’t hesitate to try and be funny.  Sometimes they were awesome and sometimes maybe not so awesome. Lol. However as talent you’ve got take chances and he did with me. I tried to make it the best decision.

So there’s the story for now. I was there and take responsibility for my reaction. So if it happens to you and it might,  know through blogging and tears you can make it out alive. I did and you can too. Honestly you may come out a better,  smarter person.




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