Highs and lows

Life is funny. I get inspired and get super excited then I realize that high is gonna come down because what goes up comes down. I wish I were more present. They say that’s the secret to happiness. However,  I know it’s gonna happen so I do a pre-emptive strike and ruin the moment.


I guess atleast I admit I have a problem and that’s the first step,  right?  It’s like when I write this blog,  I get inspired and think it’s the best. Then I think who the hell is gonna read it?  There’s the pre-emptive strike.


I found out recently someone I’d never thought would care about my writing reads it. It blew my mind. Why can’t I just believe tons of people are reading it?  Why do I kill the moment?

I guess what I am saying is life is gonna have highs and lows but let’s wait to squash the highs when the lows actually arrive.




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