Happiness. How do you get this holy grail? According to Dr. Henry Cloud 10% of your happiness is affected by your current environment. 50% is controlled by your genetics. 40% is controlled by self talk, thoughts, medicine if needed, therapy, disposition and basically everything you do on purpose.


So basically 60% is out of our control.

Wow. I’ve  read the books. Things that happy people do.


Live in the now.


My friend told me about Zen Buddhist philosopher Alan Watts who died of alcoholism and had tons of followers in the 60s. 

Then he told me the story of another zen Buddhist who had one of his students come by his house to say thank you. The Zen Buddhist pointed to a large flat screen TV and said “that’s where I watch Porn almost daily. See that garbage can filled with beer cans? I drank all those yesterday while watching porn”


The point is if you look at the Zig Ziglers and Oprahs of the world and think they’re happy without Vices, you’re wrong.

So I sing along to Miranda Lambert’s vice and realize it takes EVERYONE a lot of work to walk the walk too. So keep on trying to find what makes you happy and don’t hate yourself if you drink a few cocktails while trying to find happiness or maintain happiness.

Also maybe happiness is made up of moments. Sun is happy. Having enough money to live is happy. When your favorite song comes on the radio is happy too. You get the idea.

Right after I wrote this my neighbor text me asking for a ride. She needed  a ride to of all places “the happiness bag” I laughed  out loud saying God has a good sense of humor. I FOUND IT. HA However in all seriousness, it was a place for the mentally handicapped. I guess that put things in perspective too.



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