I was 28 before I knew what being broke really felt like…here’s some of what I learned

I was well off I will admit growing up. My Dad was super smart with mainframe computers (before pcs they were like almost football field big) so he got a killer position at what’s now Verizon Wireless then it was GTE. We had a play room because our house was so big. My Mom stayed at home and stereotypically sold Avon.

When my Dad died, his company paid us every month because he was so high up. Luckily my Diabetic Mom stayed on their amazing insurance plan as we did too. Her final bill was 100,000 and all was covered by GTE “retiree” insurance plan. You’d never get that coverage today and that bill would be close to a million. When I went to college they allowed me to be a “retiree” so paying only $90 a month for amazing coverage helped me. I even got therapeutic massages with a $15 co pay. I also got back pay for medicene I received in Mexico. When I called they said I sounded young for a retiree lol. Then 15 days before my Ball State graduation the insurance company called and said you’re done at the end of the month. How did they know!? Crazy.

Then with a little money,part of a home equity and car my Mom left me I didn’t struggle through school.  Then My Grandfather left me money.

So when I first had to dig under my car seat to get gas or run to deposit 25 cents so I didn’t bounce a check I had great empathy for people living paycheck to paycheck. That’s how most Americans live. God knew I had to go through this pain or I wouldn’t grow.

Now I give people whatever I can and don’t expect anything in return. Before I felt people HAD to repay me. Why couldn’t they repay me, I’d think it was a character flaw. Now I get it’s just life. It doesn’t say anything about their character. We all need help at some point whether emotionally or financially. Now I understand you don’t give to get back from that person. The universe takes care of us all and we should give because that’s human kindness. It will eventually come back when you need it most.

For example, I said yes when my neighbor needed a ride without a second thought. Then she asked me to drive 3 hours round trip and offered to give me money, so I said yes not knowing if she’d give me enough money. She saw me the day before and  said  she had $40.  I went to grab it and she said she’d  give me the money tomorrow as if she didn’t have that trust I’d follow through. I know she grew up differently than me because of things she told me about growing up without a lot.  I thought a few years ago I wouldn’t have driven a stranger that far.However after living without a lot I had no problem helping.  I also saw she didn’t have a digital tv adapter and offered mine for her to borrow. She seemed surprised and said do you need more money? I smiled and said of course not. I hope she can change her way of thinking and not think she has to remain poor and can trust that the universe will cover what we can’t if we think in abundance. You see I gave her that adapter but, hell she may not give it back but I know I will get another one if  I need it so I don’t care.

If I had been poor then rich I think I wouldn’t have been taught what I needed to feel to get it. I know I will be rich again but to do so I needed to learn this as a mature adult. God knew how I needed to learn.

Trust the process even when it sucks.





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