I almost threw up on Monica aka Courteney Cox….

I was so excited to be chosen to go to a “junket” where they wine (literally) and dine you for a weekend to promote a show. This was with MONICA or aka Courteney Cox in the show Cougar Town. This was a few years ago when it got picked up on tbs after abc canceled the series.

Not only was TBS flying me to Napa Valley but paying me to tell my listeners about it! When people complain about how much radio pays, I wanna slap the snot out of them. Radio has opportunities to make more and experience moments that take your breath away. Those are the people who don’t score what we call endorsements because they hate life. 😉ya I said it.

So not only did I go to represent my station in Raleigh but my co worker Peanut Butter/Brooke went for G105 also in our cluster. So we traveled together. The irony is that we had 0 money(I didn’t say they were wrong about the pay but be grateful) in our accounts but here  we are headed to hang with Monica. It’s so ying ans yang. we were waiting for our LIMO in LA to pick us up and take us to Napa when I look at Peanut Butter and say um do we have to tip? I have $5. She goes ya me too. Crap. We text our boss and he says we need to tip $20. what!? Thank you TBS cause they paid for all tipping too. see it all worked out, well so far.

The bungalow was a $ 3,000 night beauty. The individual bungalow came with heated floors in the bathroom. Ya I took a nap there, I’m high class 😂 we had an espresso machine, outside shower, jacuzzi tub and a firplace. The concierge said it’s safe on rhe leftside of the bed. So I responded so I should sleep on the left side? He said “no a safe for your personal valuables”  I’m a hoosier always. Lol They had apples in a bowl and I asked “is it decoration or can I  eat them?” He said “of course there for you to eat”

We got free swag too. From cupcakes, a throw blanket and Ray Bans of our choice and a bottle of wine with our very own “Big Lou” glasses shipped to us. . I sailed through the interviews. I planned and researched hard core. In fact I got Monica to talk about TBS allowing them to say Butt sex because of the switch to cable. After my first interview with Courteney, the guy playing her son and husband on the show a gal next to me separated only by a curtain said how genuine I was saying my interview was on point and she was from LA. I was so proud. Now maybe I shouldn’t take her opinion too seriously since she later got belligerent at the hotel bar and didn’t make it to the big dinner with the cast at a winery. Shit happens 🤗

So we gather at the hotel bar to load the two shuttle buses to the winery. I run into Javier from felicity aka Ian Gomez. He said “are you leaving now? Because we arent going for a few hours, apparently we’re ‘important’ he says sarcastically.  I said ya I think there will be a marching band for your entrance. He laughed. I fell in love with him right then. Btw he’s married to Nia Vardolas of My Big Fat Greek Wedding. When induced with lots of free wine, I may have kissed him on the cheek. Sorry Nia.

All was so good so far… The TBS people said we could talk to the stars freely( a lot of times you can’t like when I met Whoopi) I was pinching myself. This was a life moment that took my breath away and maybe a little of my  reality. I drank because it was free and I was super nervous. I was overwhelmed and noone was eating. So hollywood, right?  So I sit next to Ian to chat with him then I move over to where Courteney was chatting. I think I had two little appetizers and no real food because I didn’t wanna look stupid eating alone.

So peanut butter and I joined a group of radio people with Courteney. When a producer from Atlanta asked the most embarrassing question because she was drunk like everyone else. She says ” I really have to meet Ellen DeGeneres, do you know her?” Courteney pauses, politely smiles saying “yes we’re friends, I will be on her show next week” then the producer actually picks up Courteney’s 10,000 gucci purse and says “I  will carry your bags, I will do whatever you want to meet her” I was dying for her inside. So because this wasn’t Courteney’s first rodeo she politely says ” give me your card”  Then to break the awkward tension Peanut Butter says “can you break up Justin Timberlake and Jessica biel too?” We all laughed nervously . Courteney said “well they just had their honeymoon so too soon” with a laugh.

Later I  apparently shared with Courteney how I broke my toliet at home when it overflowed.  Classy. Oh well, we were all drunk. I remember she turned to me and said “I just want you to know we are leaving soon and I didn’t want you to look over and think I just left you”. I love her. Btw shes super teeny(naturally not anorexic) and barely 5’2″

So Peanut Butter asked if I was ok and boarded the first shuttle to make the 45 min trip through the valley to the hotel. I felt great so I stayed.  All was great until I realized I get car sick and I drank a lot of wine just like everyone else I mean who gets drunk or eats a bunch right before going on Space Mountain!? Not this girl because I have motion sickness. So the shuttle goes through the first valley and yep I threw up in front of a bunch of my colleagues. The girl sitting next to me helped me to my bungalow(hell I couldn’t find it when I was sober, I’d always call for a pick up)

I woke up so mortified but Peanut Butter said you could be the girl who asked to meet Ellen. True. So ironically that producer rode in our limo ride to the airport and remembered nothing. We didn’t have the heart to tell her. When the driver got my bag out he said “anything else?” I replied, “my dignity”

So Monday morning I was the topic of a syndicated morning show and probably more shows across the US.  I listened online to the syndicated(in multiple cities) ans she didn’t say my name and told the story as I would have so I couldn’t be mad. So I told my bosses because I was afraid I’d get in trouble and they just laughed.

Then around 9am my phone rings and says its from Atlanta  (TBS is in ATL) I answered and the voice says “hey girl, this is so and so from TBS and we were worried about ya, how ya doin'” i said stunned ” um I’m good. The spots are on and I’m a little embarrassed I got sick” he said “Oh girl, the TBS president said “it ain’t a junket until someone throws up” then he continues saying , “its all good, you keep this number if ya need anything”  I profusely thanked him for a great experience and we hung up.

I have resisted telling anyone what happened. Why did I think I did something bad!? I mean who rides on a little bus through mountains after drinking? It’s kinda legit that someone would throw chunks. Oh and btw someone on Peanut Butter’s bus refused to get on the bus then a guy said”well atleast you didn’t show your cooter this time”

I had the best time. I have a fantastic story. So I  Wouldn’t have it any other way. Yep this is my life. Sigh.



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