Don’t worry about the loud ones…you should be afraid of the quiet ones

Picture: my Big Sister Lisa (BBBS Henry County)

I’m loud. When I was in 4th grade my music teacher picked me to join 6th graders to speak in a convocation because she noticed my talent. I was so excited because I loved reading aloud and performing. Everything comes at a cost though.

My brother was in that 6th grade class and they called me microphone mouth. I was mortified because I didn’t intend to be so loud. However, when I was dramatic my voice just came out loud. It’s called resonance.

That was the start of being picked on about being loud. My feelings still get hurt when people tell me to hush. I can control the resonance when on air but in real life I just wanna talk and not carry a portable  meter monitor around with me, do they make those!?

A lot of times people think I am the trouble maker because they think the loudest wins or something. Trust me on this, it’s the ones who don’t speak you should fear. Every time there’s a tragedy like the columbine shooting, you hear people say “they were so quiet, I can’t  believe they did this”

I have a strong personality.  While I can tone it down in a professional setting or control it on air I refuse to do so in my life. Seriously I’ve got too much going on like the voices in my head to monitor this. 🤗

There are advantages to being loud. You always know when I walk in a room. I also put that loud voice to champion causes like Big Brothers Big Sisters and Junior Achievement to help kids who don’t have a voice. In fact, in a week I will speak to Big Brothers Big Sisters of Terre Haute at the Indiana Theatre proving these volunteers help kids succeed like me. I was the 1st to graduate college in my family thanks to my Big Sister Lisa  helping me fill out college applications and loan applications.

We all have to accept who we are and not get upset when others can’t handle it. If they can’t…smile and look pretty. You can’t be anything other than you.  Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. That’s life.




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