Be resourceful

When I was little I had a friend named Jennie. We laughed together. I’d tell her stories because I loved storytelling. The catch, Jennie was my imaginary friend.

We didn’t have Twitter, snapchat or insta. I’m glad we didn’t because I became a great entertainer because I used my imagination. It didn’t have to only be 140 characters or less.

I’m pretty resourceful when I want to be. When I was promotions coordinator in Indianapolis I was asked to come up with something interactive for the listeners at the Sara Barreilles show. However I had almost no budget. So I made a faux photo booth. I bought a cheap frame from Goodwill and spray painted it the color of the station. Then I printed out lips and mustaches at work. I lamenated them and attached them to pencils I found in our office supplies. Sara even used it in the meet and greet. The record label complimented me on it too.

It took a lot of outside of the box thinking. I talked to Jennie about it and she thinks I’m super talented. I love imaginary friends, they love you the most. 😄😂😉



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