What happens when you lose your lifeline…the cell phone

Tuesday I got a surprise text from a friend asking me to join them for a drink. I can’t remember the last time I just caught up with a friend while having a cocktail. This town just never fit me. I never have trouble making friends so I was stumped on why it was so hard here. It’s an anomaly.

So my one of two local friends calls, I come running. Well 1 drink led to a couple and before we knew it we had been laughing and talking for 4 hours. I don’t drink and drive past two bevs so I left my car and got a ride home. First thing I do when got home was to reach for my lifeline, my phone to charge it. Ummm. Crap. I left my life um I mean  phone in their car.

Think about it. Do you have a clock? Do you have cable? Do you have a landline? Do you have internet? Well I  had none. So I waited til the sun came up and began walking down a highway to the gas station. About a half mile up I wave at a little old man in a truck with golf clubs in the back. I ask if he can give me a ride to the restaurant. He obliges and I lived to be grateful for the random act of kindness.

So I drive trying to figure out a plan to get a hold of my friend.  I see a firefighter outside on a bench so,  I stop to use his smart phone. First I have to look up the number(who knows any of their contacts!?) My friend didn’t answer. I looked up my gmail on his phone for a number so I could call and cancel an appointment where I was to receive a call.  

Then  I went to the library and used their internet to facebook my friend. They looked in their car  but didn’t find it. I Went to the bar, no phone. I went to Verizon, nothing. If my phone had not died they could’ve tracked it. I went home defeated.

Then the next morning I went back to the library and my friend found it wedged between the seat and the back of the seat. Now what?

A.I’m buying insurance. B. When going out ….fully charge my  phone. C. Get a clock.

****Oh ps. The fireman emailed me and said he was disappointed I didn’t put my number in his phone. I have a date with a fireman…so maybe I’d do it all over again 😉😀😙🔥🔥🔥

That’s a lot of work to get a date tho…Exhausted,




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