The high road is a lot smoother…




So after my last employer moved in a different direction, they left me as an administrator on twitter. I didn’t discover it until several days later. I immediately took myself off. Now could I have posted something, absolutely.  However, I’ve always driven on the high road. Well, except one time that still upsets me. I had a few cocktails and someone I used to work with in radio taunted me via twitter and I responded. I cried because after all the jealous radio co workers who’ve tweeted or said hurtful comments,  this was the first time I responded. I didn’t say anything too harsh but I did exactly what they wanted, I gave them a negative reaction. From that day on I went back to the high road, the air is fresh and in the end those riding on  the road below will crash.

I don’t put anything on social media to hurt people or anything that undercuts someone. I’ve complimented others on twitter including women in radio and I’m amazed when they don’t say thank you or respond.  Maybe they think it’s a manipulation or they don’t have the confidence in their own talent. They must think because I am talented I will try for their job, so maybe it’s a compliment? Let me tell ya, I have many women I’ve worked alongside who I’ve competed against for work yet we respected each other and supported each other. You see women often endorse similiar products or are needed to balance the station with male co workers; so sometimes we have to understand only one woman can get that spot. However, there are strong women like Erica Delong of Bob and the Showgram (G105 Raleigh) Brooke of Ben and Matt show (knix phoenix) Randi West (tampa bay mix)  Mimi (B939 Raleigh) and Mysti (srar fm NJ) Vallery (Raleigh) Alli (Raleigh ) and Kelly McKay (charlotte) Carrie Wellman (fort wayne) plus a few more.


I support all women in radio if they let me. If not I have to accept the fact some people don’t understand the power of “the Secret” there is enough in the universe  for everyone to be successful. I would never go after someone’s livelihood, ever.  I know my spot will open when it’s time. I realize I may get lonely on the high road but man, I sleep better at night. I really love sleeping well.



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