National radio day and why I will always love πŸ“»

When I was 9 we moved from Fort Wayne to New Castle, a very small town. My father had passed so my Mom felt it was important to get help from her family including the famous G Michaels (her Mom) I left all my friends and knew nobody. However, I was always a little different. I was always somewhat independent because I never fit into the molds set by soceity. Now that’s great but then it made me sad. The one thing I always did was perform for the audience of one (um me) with my many microphones I had asked for every Christmas. Β When I realized I couldn’t sing I moved on to playing radio! I’d set up my double cassette recorder and tape my “breaks” I would show prep using the latest teen magazine. I still have the tapes. I knew at 9 I wanted to entertain and radio was perfect for someone who was different. I became funny to hide the fact I wasn’t beautiful yet very awkward.

Now I love radio because I believe everyone has a story and I love hearing listener’s stories. They inspire me to be better. I love raising money for st. Jude or riley hospital through radio. My father and Mother both suffered from terrible diseases and I don’t want other kids to have my broken childhood. Radio also gives people experiences they could never afford like trips, money and concert tickets. Most of all I love making people laugh because I listened to radio to escape my own world and thats what I hope I do for listeners too.


I get the radio medium is getting smaller and smaller. I’m not naive about the low average salary. If I wanted a job that paid a lot I’d seek it out. However I know if you’re good at what you do and have PASSION (that’s the key) you can make more money.


It’s ok if you chose a job for the money because everyone values different things in life. Maybe it’s family for you. I don’t want kids. I want to help the ones who are already here struggling through Big Brothers Big Sisters. My career has always been a significant other. Here’s to finding a really hot one. πŸ‘ŠπŸ˜






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