Your life audition is now…

When I was a sophomore I elected to take Drama class. I was so excited as I secretly wanted to be a star in a Broadway musical (except the fact I can’t sing)or in Hollywood.  One of our assignments was to memorize a monologue from a play. The day we had to present our teacher (one of my favorites) asked who’d like to go first. What teacher lets us decide? Appatently this one! So the chipper popular girl who  looks like she’s taking a very good xanax because she’s so happy jumps up volunteering to go first. When she finished the teacher asked who was next? Noone budged. He asked again. The sound of crickets. He then asked who is going next? Nothing. He then rose like a rocket and said as an actor you don’t wait to be called to audition you don’t hesitate but you take your chance when you get the opportunity. He then said frustrated and furiously we had all failed. I remember someone yelled out “that was intermission” ya that didn’t work. That was a  good lesson that day even though we all said we are fighting it but never did. You aren’t given a choice on when it’s your turn in life so why do we in school? If opportunity comes, you better be ready because someone else is ready to pounce. This is your audition. Don’t wait for someone to call and say it’s your turn because I’m pretty sure it’s not gonna happen.


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