Dear Starbucks I’d like espresso with a splash of kindness please…

Dear Starbucks,
I lost my job around 3 months ago. I am fortunate to receive unemployment that allows me to afford a $4 cup of Iced espresso a day. I love using Starbucks like a carrot at the end of a stick to get me up like I have a job to do. I do have a job, finding the best job for me. I get to take advantage of the free wifi and get to be around people. I worked as a barista and know the great benefits like awesome insurance you provide to even part time employees. Plus now you provide a chance to go college on Starbucks dime. However, I’m disappointed in how I was received in one of your Terre Haute stores (south 7th and 41 south). I’ve been going for over 6 months and 75 % of the time was not treated with kindness. I don’t get greeted and I am positive they don’t know my name because when I arrive they begrudgingly approach the register saying “you’re 5 shots of espresso with 1 quarter pump white mocha and a splash of non fat” I am not my drink, in fact my name is Mandi and I like to greet people with atleast a smile and how are you. Shouldn’t I get that with $25 a week contribution to the store? We don’t have to be friends. In fact they don’t have to like me. I think to myself why did I tip $1 for that treatment? I continued to go because people like Andrea, manager Laurie and a few others were kind and the store is more comfortable to hang out. I also think a part of me wanted to prove I deserve kindness from J***, R**** and others who hated when I walked in. However, I realized over the weekend after an incident on Friday where I heard them discussing me on the headset I was never going to change their mind. When talking about me, they didn’t even call me by my name because they’ve never even asked. I knew because she noticed I saw her talking about me. Yes, I have a strong personality and won’t hesitate to say my shots don’t taste good today or can I have a little more milk please. Now I realize I shouldn’t have to prove I deserve kindness because that should come to anyone who’s human. I now drive down the street to a smaller store because everday it hurt my feelings.
I hope I can stay a customer because I love what you provide to your employees. That’s one reason I come back along with the rewards and the quality espresso. Mandi


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