A bad day can lead to a great day.

Maybe we have to feel our bottom fall out to appreciate what we have. Monday an error I couldn’t control caused ny weekly unemployment to not show up into my empty bank account. Could you imagine not getting your paycheck? I was a wreck trying to figure out what I was going to do. I’m responsible for me. So after my friend Lisa shared her college plasma experience I said thats what I will do.  I hate needles. Like fear them. When I was 8 I was hospitalized for 5 months. During the night 3 or 4 people including a nurse would wake me up trying to stick me to get my blood for tests. I woke up scared and have been needle phobed since.

However, I wanted to stretch myself so I did it. I got the needle stick which they say is the worst part and made it to the plasma giving chair. I was so proud of me. I can do this! Then my brave behavior was dashed when the guy sticking me seems hesitant then sticks me while shortly after saying “shit…i mean shoot…does that hurt?”  I think he already knew my answer shit yes! Ouch!! Then he sent in Ben who was the “best” stick. Nope. My achievement had failed…or had it? I still did something I would’ve never tried and tomorrow they are depositing my unemployment. I’M  $50 ahead and feel like I overcame a fear today. Be fearless. It feels good.





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