Yep. I’M not famous(yet🤗)but I did it. No regrets….

So I am a skincare freak since I was a top Clinique beauty consultant in Raleigh, NC.   I will not skimp on taking care of the only face I get. I went one step further when hanging out with two friends 10 years older than me and their  foreheads had less wrinkles than mine! I know I only have a couple fine lines but I  had a deep one right above my right eye and I love my eyes so it pissed me off. So I asked and I was shocked when both said BOTOX! What!? Normal people get that? So in December I did it. Heres what I know for sure….


1. Creams won’t fix wrinkles but they could plump the skin and disguise

2. If you use Botox in the correct place you can still have expression.

3. Really painless. Like 7 pinches in 45 seconds.

4. Affordable around $200

5. The only side effect for me was two small bruises where he injected. When people asked I said I bumped my head…so why lie? I wanted to look refreshed. If you tell people who had something done then they project how they feel about the procedure and I didn’t want that.

6. It’s 9 months later and the effects have diminished but I know for a fact it helped keep my one big wrinkle from getting worse and I swear I’m happier with how I look even today.


8. Would I do it again? YES. However I’m too young to be doing it and I take care of my skin so it’ll be awhile before I do Botox again.

9. Wanna prevent wrinkles? EXFOLIATION and moisturizer. Even if you’re breaking out.  I know my skin thinks it’s a teen and thinks it’s 30. It’s so confused. Remember to get oil free moisturizer.


It’s all about feeling good in the one face God gave you.



On the left before●on right after


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  1. loriredd says:

    You’re beautiful Mandi!


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