I’d get a 401k if it were a type of gold jewelry…


Doesn’t anyone have a shopping habit like me!? You see my husband below, he’s so good looking and makes me prettier when he’s on my arm. So here’s the thing, I don’t want a 401k and my last job automatically debted my check wihout me knowing for a 4I01k! I mean who reads the fine print when your excited about a new job?

So you heard me right I don’t want one. I believe in living in the moment. I also have a shopping addiction. I also did not make enough to spare the money. I took the job planning to move on in a year. So after we parted ways I called the 401k people to get my money back which by the way dropped to $35! Heres what he said “oh I’m sorry mam but we charge a $25 transaction fee and to write the check we charge a $25 fee. So you would owe us $15. Yep. #Merica I. Can’t.  Make. This. Up.





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